Customs clearance is one of the major issues which importers face in the distribution of products and it is the major cause of delays and consequently increase in cost within the industry... Learn More


    Understanding your business and logistics needs is a key element in managing your shipments so you can provide your clients with solutions they need and in the process, grow your business... Learn More


    Thefts, accidents, decay and human failure are but a few of the risks your cargo is exposed to when shipping. However, as smart business men, you must have plans in place to minimize these risks and this is where an insurance policy comes into play...Learn More


    The documentation required of you for freight shipments depends on whether you are shipping via air or sea. Also it depends on whether you want to drop at a receiving center or have it collected. Whichever you decide on... Learn More

  • Consolidation

    Consolidation is a cargo shipping method in which a freight forwarder at the port of origin combines several individual consignments to make up a full container load. This arrangement allows the goods to be shipped as containerized-cargo that offers greater security at lower shipping rates...Learn More

  • International Moving

    Moving abroad with Freight Solution makes the difference through its expertise and its top-notch client services. Our expertise ensures your move is a success no matter where you move to from China...Learn More